Archive 2014


A book titled “Ekkyou suru taikiosen (Trans-boundary air pollution)” published

Prof. S. Hatakeyama (Director in chief of NPO) has published a book entitled “Ekkyou suru taikiosen (Trans-boundary air pollution)” from PHP Shinsho on January 16.

Annual Meeting of NPO

The annual meeting of NPO "Valid Utilization of Mt. Fuji Weather Station" was held at Koshiba Hall, the University of Tokyo, where 28 presentations (oral and poster) on the results of the 2013 summer campaign were reported. The attendance was 111.(Jan.26, 2014)


Symposium of Mountain Atmospheric Sciences

The 3rd Symposium of Mountain Atmospheric Sciences was held at Tokyo University of Science.  There were 47 presentations and meeting was chaired by Prof. K. Miura (Director, Secretary General). (March 26)


Research Project 2014

For the Summer Campaign 2014, 15 research projects have been adopted and announced in our HP. (April 1)

NHK Culture Radio Series Started

NHK Radio program “Science of Water and Air: Observations from Mt. Fuji Weather Station” started at 8:30 pm on April 4 (it will last to June, every Friday evening) by Dr. Y. Dokiya (Director). (April 4, 2014)


Early preparation for Summer Campaign 2014

Mr. H. Iwasaki and Mr. K. Nagato (mountain crews of NPO) climbed Mt.Fuji to check the snow condition on the summit, finding heavy snow piles near the summit. They discussed how to remove the snow piles before the start of campaign. (May 20, 2014)


Setting of Gotemba Base

On June 17, Gotenba Base was open for Summer Campaign 2014 which is planned to start on July 1. It will be 10 days earlier than previous year because of the eager requests of researchers especially in communication research. The preparation took place with more speed than previous year. (June 17, 2014)

Intensive snow removal work

Intensive snow removal work was performed by mountain crews during the last week of June to get ready for early opening of the station. (June 23)


Summer Campaign 2014 started

Summer campaign 2014 started on July 1, followed by intensive baggage transportation and setting up instrument to monitor the atmospheric chemistry such as O3, CO, SO2, aerosols, fog and precipitations were carried out as usual by Professors H. Okochi (Director), K. Miura, S. Kato (Director), H. Kobayashi (Director) and Y. Minami (Director). (July 1, 2014)

Interruption of the Campaign

During July 9-11, the observations at the Weather Station were temporally suspended because of the approach of the severe typhoon (T11).

Live Cameras

Two cameras were installed to provide east and west views from the Weather Station through the official site of Mt. Fuji Climbers. This is a new service of NPO from this year . (July 15, 2014)


Gigantic Jet

Dr. M. Kamogawa and his students have succeeded in capturing 2 photos of gigantic jet (super high altitude luminescence?). (Aug. 6, 2014)

ACP Symposium at Steamboat Springs, Co.

Prof. K. Miura and Dr. Y. Dokiya joined the 2014 Symposium on Atmospheric Chemsitry and Physics at Mountain Sites, at Steamboat Springs, Co. USA from Aug 11-13 (15), and made speeches on recent advances in particle formation at Mt. Fuji and also on the management of the Mt. Fuji research site by NPO. 

On the first day of the symposium they visited the Storm Peak Laboratory (SPL) whose superb facilities and organization have become  future dream of NPO. The photo shows Miura, Dokiya and Dr. Gannet Haller, Director of the SPL on the roof of SPL.(from right to left)

Summer Campaign 2014 closed

Summer Campaign 2014 was safely closed having many new data, findings,  new experiences and new problems. (Aug. 30,2014)


Prof. George Lin of National Central University of Taiwan gave a talk

On October 1, 15:00-16:00, Prof. George Lin of National Central University of Taiwan gave a talk at Tokyo  University of Science on "Current status and perspectives of Lulin Atmospheric Background Station (LABS)"