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[Oct. 26, 2018] Special Seminar of Russ C. Schnell successfully finished with 60 eager audiences

You can view his lecture in our  Japanese Home page.


Room221, Tokyo University of Science

[Oct. 26, 2018]_Special Seminar "THE AIR WE BREATHE: IT IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE" presented by Dr. Russ C Schnell

[Sep. 12, 2018]_Quick Report 2018 Posted

[Aug. 31, 2018]_Summer Campaign 2018 successfully finished

The summer campaign 2018 of 62 days was finished with 415 researchers in 29 projects. At 10:53, August 31, 2018,  following the cut of the commercial electricity, MFRS buildings were closed and evacuated. During  Sept. 11 to July 1 of 2019, automated instruments with batteries will be operated without manpower.

     The details of the results  of  this campaign will soon appear in the pages of quick reports  of thie home page as well as research presentations at various scientific meetings of each researchers. 

[July 6, 2018]_Safety Guidelines 2018 posted

Safety Guidelines for the users of MFRS, "Do's and Don'ts" when you climb up Mt. Fuji and use the station, has been posted.  

The guideline can be downloaded from here.

[July 1, 2018] Summer Campaign 2018 Kicks off

On July 1, MFRS has opened for the first time since its had been closed for unmanned operation during winter season on August 31, 2017.

During the Campaign at MFRS this summer, more  than 31 projects are expected to participate. 

The schedule can be downloaded from here.

[May 31, 2018] Research projects of 2018 were decided

At MFRS, 14 research projects, 7 education and other projects were decided with 3 tial research projects and one student project, will start from July 1, 2018.  The titles with English proposals are shown in the page of 'Research' in this home page.

[Jan 15, 2018] MFRS featured in the online magazine pubulished by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

The activity of MFRS was featured by the title of "Research at the top of Mount FUji by Takashi Sasaki" in the online magazine Highlighting JAPAN, published once a month by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan,

[Jan 1, 2018] About the clone site of the official acpm2017


Dear Researchers
As of January 1, 2018, the official site of ACPM2017 has been closed. We had downloaded the whole contents of the site for the time to come.
From now on, you can brows the whole contents in the clone pages of  the official site of ACPM.
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