1.  Seminar for senior female climbers on the results of research on Mt.Fuji and  mechanism and prevention method for acute mountain sickness        2.Trials of altitude acclimatization for climbing to Nepal high mountain On August 8~9,2015,4 senior female climbers  stayed during approximately 20hours involve one night at Mt.Fuji. station.

1. On August 8,2015,4 senior female climbers〔65~76 years old〕 visited for the summit of Mt.Fuji.
They were very appreciated to study the mechanism and prevention methods for acute
mountain sickness. 

 2.  It was found that SpO2 at rest on 9th morning showed approximately 7% higher than 8th afternoon.
while resting heart rate showed approximately 7% lower than 8th afternoon .
It might be suggested that to stay and sleep during at least 20 hours at Mt.Fuji station were more
effective for acquire the altitude acclimatization.