Behavior grasp of Mt. Fuji climber utilizing beacon

Yoshiro TANAKA

Mt. Fuji challenge


This research project aims to climb mountaineers' safety measures at the active volcano Mt. Fuji, to confirm various issues and technical problems through demonstration experiments toward practical application of climber dynamic data grasping system is.


This year, from August 19th to September 1st, with the cooperation of 2,368 monitor climbers, we collected the climber dynamics data between Fifth Mountain Climbing Path 5th station and the top of the Mountain and collected data on smartphone We tried a system that can grasp location information. In addition, we conducted a high-precision topography survey using laser measuring instruments to grasp the disaster risk of the mountain path.


In grasping the dynamics of mountaineers, we set up receiver equipment (smartphone) for beacon detection in Mt. Fuji Research Station, and grasped the number of climbers at Kengamine and gathered transit time data.


In the future, we will analyze the climber data with attributes (sex, age, nationality, mountain climbing etc.) and weather data, and examine the characteristics and trends of Mt. Fuji climber, as well as climbing road maintenance and disaster evacuation We aim to make it basic data for implementation of hard and soft measures necessary to make safe and safe climbing such as planning.