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July 1, Summer campaign, 2022 has started

Scarcely surviving from the COVID-19 disasters, MFRS could start the summer campaign 2022, with special care for corona infection prophylaxis, improving the manner which we applied very strictly on 2021.

   32 projects are selected to be performed for the summer campaign, 2022, which include, the behavior of atmospheric micro-plastics, eruption-forecast of Mt. Fuji by observation of trace gases, lightening observation and protection, medical approaches to COVID-19 care at high mountain environment, etc.

(July 6, 2022)      

[August 30, 2020] On this day in 1895, meteorologist NONAKA Itaru opened a hut for observation atop Mt. Fuji.

[August 8, 2020] COVID-19 changed 2020 activities of NPO/MFRS

In 2020, January has passed almost as usual, however, Covid-19 news gradually casting a long shadow on the NPO activities in February.


Proceedings  for the 13th Annual Meeting (shown in the left) was prepared for the meeting scheduled on March 14, at Tokyo University of Science. 


But, we could not have the meeting at last.  We had to decide not to have an ordinary meeting in order to avoid the Covid-19 infection, except for the some U-tube presentation on Home Page for limited days.


Emergency declaration was announced on April 8, 2020, which eventually caused NPO to chancel the summer campaign 2020 at the summit site of MFRS.


Some researches at Tarobo (1300m) and Gotemba base (446m) are being performed in stead.