February 22, 2023, Celebrating the centenary of Nonaka Chiyoko

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Nonaka Chiyoko, who died on 22 February 1923.

Nonaka Itaru and his wife Chiyoko took weather observations on the summit of Mt Fuji for almost three months in the winter of 1895, thus paving the way for a permanent Mt Fuji Weather Station. To commemorate their feat, the Fuyo Nikki Society (named for Chiyoko’s journal of this adventure) has set up an online museum to display relevant resources. The aim is to accurately inform the public about the couple's achievements based on historical facts.

February 22, 2023, news release on the 16th Annual Meeting

The 16th Annual Meeting on the results of the research in 2022 Summer Campaign will be held on March 18 (Saturday) at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo with a Zoom (Hybrid meeting) , 13:00-18:00 


Part 1.  Atmospheric Sciences

Part 2.  Climate Change and Cloud Research

Part 3.  Lightning Research

Part 4.  Disaster prevention


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The mission of MFRS is to support and enhance the activities of researchers and students in various fields of science and education by maintaining and providing a unique Research Station atop Mt. Fuji.

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