Current Research Projects

The summit of Mt. Fuji (35.21 N, 138.43E, 3776m a.s.l.) receives the upper air mass over East Asia transported from the Asian Continent through the free troposphere, thus providing an ideal observation site for atmospheric chemistry and physics, such as PM 2.5, sulfate aerosol, and mercury.
In addition, it also serves as a good observation site for lightning, cosmic ray, transient luminous events (sprite) as well as for high altitude medical research including the training of climbers. Researchers on permafrost and ecological studies are also performed at the station.


1.  Cosmic Radiation/ Atmospheric Electricity  
   Study of lightning and atmospheric electricity at the summit of Mt. Fuji


   Stratosphere-troposphere exchange by deep convective clouds  
   Continuous monitoring of cosmic-ray induced neutrons at the summit of Mt. Fuji  
2.  Atmospheric Chemistry  
  Study on long-term CO2 observation at summit of Mt. Fuji  
  Long term observation of carbon monoxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide during summer at the summit of Mt. Fuji  
  Research on the long range transport and deposition amount of atmospheric mercury utilizing the mountain body of Mt. Fuji as a 4000m observation tower  
  Measurements of aerosol particles and cloud condensation nuclei at the summit and a base of Mt. Fuji  
  Study on the effect of aerosol particles on climate utilizing Mt. Fuji - Watching climate change by radon and ion concentrations -  
  Observation of chemical components in aerosols transported in the free troposphere and arriving at the summit of Mt. Fuji  
  Observation of nitrogen oxides at the top of Mt. Fuji  
  Characterization of chemical components of PM2.5 long-range transported by simultaneous observation in China, South Korea and Japan  
  Atmospheric aerosol observation with POPC network on mountain sites  
  Measurement of nanoparticles size distribution at summit of Mt. Fuji  
 3.  Permafrost  
  Permafrost study on Mt. Fuji: the second phase of a research project  
 4.  High Altitude Medical Science  
  Effect of gait balance factors in Mt. Fuji summit  
  Impact of overnight sleep condition on acute mountain sickness  
  Ambulatory monitoring of hemodynamics during mountaineering