The Mount Fuji Research Station: A Scientific Treasure Trove Mar 20, 2020

Kamogawa Masashi,

The Mount Fuji Weather Station on the Kengamine ridge on the summit of Mount Fuji was closed in 2004 after 72 years of continuously manned weather observation. Since then, the nonprofit Mount Fuji Research Station has leased the facility for research use during two summer months each year. Mount Fuji’s height and unique isolation from other mountains has made it an ideal location for a range of important environmental research.

Research at the Top of Mount Fuji

Highlighting Japan January 2018 

Shungo Kato, Yukiko Dokiya

Superseded by weather satellites and temporarily left unmanned, Mount Fuji Weather Station is back in operation as a non-profit organization (NPO), attracting researchers every summer from Japan and overseas.