Quick Report 2018

01 Stratosphere-Troposphere exchange by deep convective clouds

Suginori IWASAKI (National Defense Academy)


02 Carbonyls compounds in aerosol and cloud water at the summit of Mt. Fuji

Kei TODA (Department of Chemistry, Kumamoto University)


03 Long term observation of carbon monoxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide during summer at the summit of Mt. Fuji
Shungo KATO (Tokyo Metropolitan University)


04 Study on behavior of atmospheric mercury in the free troposphere

Kazutoshi NODA (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)


05 A study for CO2 observation for long-term at the summit of Mt. Fuji

Hitoshi MUKAI (Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institude for Environmental Studies)


06 Demonstration experiment of wind power-based hybrid generator for non-electrified rural areas in Nepal

Etsuo KIRIHARA (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology)


07 Pollen sampling at the top of Mt. Fuji for aerobiological investigation (POSTMAN project)

Kenji MIKI (Kyoto University)


08 Exploratory Research on Ice-nucleating Microbes

Kotaro MURATA (Tokyo Gakugei University)


09 ELTRES(Sony’s LPWA) communication trial

Kenji ARASHIMA (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation)


10 Characterization of chemical components of PM2.5/PM1 long-range transported by simultaneous observation in China, Korea and Japan

Shinichi YONEMOCHI (Center for Envitonmental Science in Saitama)


11 Integrated methods for modeling and sustainable management of regional natural resources and hazards (Mt. Fuji, Japan) 

Chris S. RENSCHLER (University at Buffalo)