Long term observation of carbon monoxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide during summer at the summit of Mt. Fuji

Shungo KATO
Tokyo Metropolitan University


Carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3) were measured by trace gas analyzer at the top of Mt. Fuji from July 14 to August 21. Considerable CO and O3 concentration change was observed. It would be explained by the air mass origin cahnge (clean maritime air and polluted continental air). Influence of the air from high altitude (high O3, low CO) was also observed.
SO2 was also measured. SO2 from volcanic activity at other volcano in Japan was observed before time. But SO2 high event was not observed this summer.

Gas sensors working with slight electricity were also set up at the summit. The result of the O3 sensor was good agreement with the results of the accurate gas analyzer. Sensors for other gases would be required more careful handling. SO2 sensor measurement using battery was tried for winter time measurement when no commercial electric power is available.